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Gambling & Betting

Our directors have over 18 years combined experience in the betting and gambling industry, with extensive experience in applying the National and Provisional Acts.

Practical Experience

Our lawyers have a keen understanding of and experience in applying the National and Provincial Gambling Acts, which have been developed through years practical experience.
Gambling and Betting
Gambling and Betting

Experience and Expertise Include:

  • preparing and submitting applications for gambling and betting licences, including applications for the transfer of licences and amendment of licence conditions;
  • making representations and objecting to applications dealing with gaming and betting licences;
  • representing clients at hearings and instituting internal appeals;
  • the institute of legal proceedings for judicial review;
  • representing betting and gaming operators in complaint and merger proceedings before the Competition Commission, Competition Tribunal, the Competition Appeal Court and the Constitutional Court;
  • advising clients on the interpretation of and compliance with the conditions of their gaming and betting licences;
  • advising clients on the negotiation, conclusion and implantation of commercial transactions involving the acquisition or disposal of businesses concerned with gambling and betting activities or the operations of such businesses;
  • advising and assisting clients with the resolution of patron disputes;
  • advising and assisting clients with applications for approval of betting products;
  • advising clients on all aspects of he interpretation and implementation of Provincial and National Gambling Legislations as well as other applicable legislation;
  • reviewing international regulatory regimes, formulating betting and gambling regulatory models and making representations on the formulation of new legislation to foreign regulatory regimes on behalf of clients;
  • advising clients on the establishment of new betting operators and the requirements in terms of applicable National and Provincial Gambling Legislation; and
  • reviewing and submitting comments on and proposed amendments to National and Provincial Gambling Legislation, including proposed wording that was incorporated into the North West Gambling Board’s Regulations on Review Proceedings, the National Gambling Amendments Bill and the draft Remote Gambling Bill.

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